adidas Climacool Boat Sleek Water Shoe

Most Stylish Women's Water Shoes

Why people love it
  • The sporty version of "deck shoes" for women
  • Look, fit, and feel like classic Adidas shoes
  • Comfortable and cozy, with good ventilation and drainage

Pricey and not the most durable.


Performance: If you're going to be walking around on the deck of a boat, these are the shoes for you. They come with a solid rubber sole that gives you excellent grip on a slippery deck, and they are some of the most comfortable water shoes on the market. Despite their enclosed design, they have ventilation holes that allow water to drain out and air to get in. You can keep your feet cool and dry thanks to this unique design.

The shoes use laces rather than a bungee cord, so they'll stay securely on your feet. Though they're not the most durable shoes, they're a good pair for casual use on a fishing boat, sailboat, or private yacht. 

Design: The shoes come with the classic Adidas three-stripe design, and they look surprisingly sporty for a water shoe. They're sleek, lightweight, and have good cushioning, so you'll be comfortable in them all day long. The open mesh design gives you good breathability without sacrificing stability and support. All in all, a great pair of shoes for when you want to look your best.

Price: Starting at $40 for the pair, these are a bit on the pricey side. They're not suitable for hardcore use, but mainly for boating or basic water sports. Still, if you want form over function, these are your top pick.

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