ACT Cool Splash Mint Mouthwash

Best Overall Mouthwash

Why people love it
  • Recommended by dentists
  • Expect stronger, more polished surface enamel (no more soft spots)
  • Fights gingivitis and bad breath

Sadly this mouthwash isn’t approved by the ADA. It also contains alcohol.


This is clearly the best mouthwash to have when you’re serious about dental care – even if it doesn't carry a little sticker with ADA endorsement. The formula is meant to strengthen tooth enamel, and it does that well, by most accounts.

If you’re expecting miracles from this Sodium Fluoride formula, you should probably consider adjusting your expectations. But, if you expect positive results after continued usage, you’ve come to the right place. And, although the big push isn’t on breath, you should expect minty freshness.

The only thing we would change if we could has nothing to do with the mouthwash itself. We’d love to see it on the Subscribe and Save or Prime Pantry lists. But, maybe one day soon...

What does it claim to do? This mouthwash claims to strengthen tooth enamel. It also says it can reduce cavities up to 70 percent more than simply brushing with a fluoride toothpaste.

Does it do it? Most users report a reduction in noticeable soft spots. That’s a good thing. But, let’s be real; it’s not going to ever deposit enough minerals to fill real holes. If you have those, you will need to get to the dentist.

Is it good at anything else? It doesn’t do a bad job of fighting bad breath. That’s a bonus most people seriously appreciate.

Who’s it for? Adults looking to fight cavities will enjoy having this in their bathroom. It’s far too strong for kids, though.

What’s inside the bottle? Fluoride is the work horse in this bottle; there is some variation between bottle sizes, so you'll want to make sure you know what you're getting. The smaller bottle is the one with the greater fluoride composition. 

Recommended usage? Use it once a day after brushing your teeth. Some dentists recommend using it just before bed for a little extra push. (However, if you opt for the larger bottle, you can use it twice as the fluoride content is reduced.) Want to know more about what's inside particular mouthwash before buying? You can see what the people over at Livestrong have to say, though you'll find a more comprehensive breakdown of ingredients at

What’s it taste like? This is the sort of standard, minty flavor you’ve come to expect from a mouthwash.

Will it break the bank? You’ll pay about $25 for a pack of four bottles. Each bottle holds 18 ounces, so the cost per ounce is less than 40 cents. That’s not bad at all – especially if, like most users, you gain all the benefits you expect.

Available on Subscribe and Save or Prime Pantry? Sadly, no. And that’s one of the biggest downfalls. You’ll need to pay close attention to when you’re close to the end of your last bottle.

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