ACT Alcohol Free Anticavity Fluoride Rinse

Best Mouthwash for Cavity Protection

Why people love it
  • Tastes surprisingly great
  • Dispensed in measured sips
  • Helps to reduce tooth sensitivity

This isn’t exactly cheap and a some users (very few) have had a negative reaction to the formula.


There are some seriously good reasons to consider this mouthwash. We’re fans of the fact that you can squeeze the perfect amount into the top of this bottle. And the high level of fluoride without the alcohol is a true plus. What’s more is that it truly does strengthen tooth enamel by depositing minerals back into soft spots.

But, we are left a little wanting on some of the finer points of the sale, such as the price and the omission of this product on any of the Amazon lists that make it easy to keep your home stocked (such as the Subscribe and Save or Prime Pantry). Still, if you’re prone to cavities and worried about alcohol in your oral hygiene routine, this is absolutely the mouthwash for you.

What does it claim to do? This anti-cavity formula claims to kill bad breath, strengthen enamel, and restore needed minerals to soft spots.

Does it do it? Just about everyone agrees that this does what it claims and does it well.

Is it good at anything else? You’d be surprised at how well this works for those with sensitive mouths; especially for being alcohol-free.

Who’s it for? As you would expect, you should really keep this out of reach of children. But, the bottle design and the fact that it’s alcohol-free means you shouldn’t stress too much.

What’s inside the bottle? The key ingredient here is sodium fluoride – and plenty of it. You get an exact dose as you squeeze the contents of the bottle into the top.

Recommended usage? Considering that you can measure this out specifically, it’s not a bad idea to just read the packaging when you get it. But, it’s not as if you swirl and swish any differently.

What’s it taste like? Most people prefer the mint flavor, but there is a cinnamon one available too.

Will it break the bank? You’re going to pay over 50 cents per ounce on this. That’s an absolute shame. We really think it could fall under that, even a little. But, it is what it is.

Available on Subscribe and Save or Prime Pantry? Sadly, no. Well, at least not at the time of writing.

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