Acqua Di Parma Cologne Spray for Men
  • Can be worn all day, every day
  • "Makes you feel like a movie star"
  • The gold standard of colognes


A classic style that has a fresh, elegant smell.

Not a scent for a younger guy.


Let's be honest, if you pay this much for a cologne, you want it to smell like a million dollars. And this one fits the bill. It's a classic scent that will make you feel like you're a celebrity on vacation on the Italian coast. It's not really a young man's scent (unless you have the tailored wardrobe to match), but you'll love this cologne as much as the ladies do. The price given is for 3.4 ounces though there are other sizes available.

What Reviewers Say:

Men and women have taken to Amazon to express their devotion to this fragrance. We get it. And we're sure you will too. Smells like bergamot, Seville orange, hot pepper, cedar, jasmine, patchouli, moss, and white musk balms.

  • What I discovered was that the longer I spent with the cologne, the more I liked it and frankly, now I use it as the gold standard when trying other scents. For years I've looked for a signature scent, something that would just be me and I think I've found it. Light, fresh and clean.
  • Acqua di Parma emits an extremely elegant and soft fragrance, which unmistakingly reflects the ornage and citrus groves of the Italian Mediterranean coast. If I were to conjure an image of this cologne, which I use an an almost daily basis, it is of the fresh nights at the end of summer in Positano. The cologne is made form an old formula and has been around for many years. It is a classic purported to have been a favorite of that icon of elegance and class Gianni Agnelli.
  • The best cologne I've ever worn. Expensive, smells that way, and worth every penny. You're not going to find anybody wearing it either. Very exclusive. When asked, it's "something I picked up in Italy"

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