This headband won't just keep the sweat out of your eyes, but it's the perfect pair of headphones for those who hate running with earphones on!

  • Medium fits most
  • Bluetooth-enabled 
  • Rechargeable 

The headband comes with stereo headphones built-in, connected via Bluetooth to your iPhone or Android device. You get up to 12 hours of battery life with this bad boy, not to mention top quality sound.

What Reviewers Sy:

  • The sound quality is very good. I ran a marathon in these without any shifting over my ears.
  • These head sets are incredible for blocking out noise, ringing in your ears, someone snoring. It can cause an immediate ease and calmness from tensions. Free White Noise app online with sounds of a soft brook, beac and ocean waves, etc. You will able to sleep with partner😊. I have the blue tooth well worth it no wires to connect.
  • I have to tell you that I have been VERY pleasantly surprised. Yes, the speakers move around the inside of the headband (just like the SleepPhones units do...) and yes, the Bluetooth receiver/control unit is a bit big and stiff but for what it does, it's actually pretty small. If you're a side sleeper like me, simply take it out of the headband and put it back in/move it to the side you don't sleep on (or at least start off lying on) and you really won't notice it.

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