It's not just a shovel; it's a life saver. Truly. And if you're ever stranded in the wilderness, it'll be your best friend.

  • Includes: shovel, hatchet, saw, hammer, and wrench
  • It's also a nail puller, bottle opener, and compass
  • And, yes, it does more than that too

This is so much more than just a shovel. It functions as a hammer, hatchet, wrench, bottle opener, compass, knife, and nail puller, and it comes with fishing line, a hook, and even matches. (Crazy, right?) If you find yourself in the middle of nowhere and need to survive, this is the tool you want.

What Reviewers Say:

  • I used this as an addition to a 3-day emergency kit in my car. Don't underestimate the presence of a shovel tool in your car kit. Every get stuck in snow or mud??? Has some nice features for the price. Compact, around 14" total length. Include this with a REAL survival kit that YOU construct yourself (not the junk pre-made kits that are so popular nowadays, so expect to spend around $250 or so on a complete setup -- do you really want to trust a survival/emergency situation on stuff that someone ELSE thinks you need?), a small outdoor knife, and a hatchet, and you're good.
  • Love mine. even wrapped the handle in micro cord. May add some more to the core of the handle...but overall a great tool to add to my supplies.

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