Best Gift for a High School Graduate

A Signed Copy of “Oh, The Places You’ll Go!”


  • Classic keepsake 
  • Inspires readers of all ages 
  • Fun but meaningful rhymes


Versatile gift that’s suitable for graduates headed to college, tech school, the military, or the workforce. Reminds readers that they can accomplish important things and lead happy, well-rounded lives.

We can’t think of any real cons. Who doesn’t love Dr. Seuss?!


Why Your Grad’s Gonna Love It: Very few books appeal to readers of all ages, but “Oh, The Places You’ll Go!” somehow manages to achieve this feat. Vibrant illustrations and engaging prose make this book a fun, easy read for graduates. Pass the book around during the graduation party so that loved ones can jot down memories, tips, or warm wishes for the graduate. 

It’s probably a little late to do this if you’re shopping for graduation gifts now, but some recipients say their parents had teachers from preschool to high school share encouraging messages in the book. If you can track down your child’s former teachers, then we recommend trying this heartwarming idea. 

Is someone else already buying this book for your grad? Here’s a fashionable stainless steel bracelet inspired by the popular book. 

Price: A hardcover copy of this bestselling book costs around $12 when it’s on sale. Expect to spend a couple hundred bucks if you want a special edition of this beloved book. 


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