Funny Quotes to Get You Through Hump Day

Funny Quotes to Get You Through Hump Day

Oh Wednesdays, the halfway point of the week that brings on those all to familiar, yet conflicting feelings of joy and despair. Sure, you’ve made it halfway through the week by midday, but you still have a few hours and two more full long days to go.

Over the last few years, Wednesday has been rebranded in the world of Internet humor as Hump Day. Funny Name? Yes. Sexual implication? Nope. Regardless, we can all relate to ‘Hump Day Wednesdays’ as it seems to be the general consensus that come this midweek point, we all could use a pick me up. 

Instead of dread the middle of the week, let humor be your motivation, and remind you you’re not alone. Here to brighten up your Wednesday are nine comical memes and saying that are sure to reflect how you feel, and reinforce you’ll make it through this Hump Day like all the others.  

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9. Mephobia

Mephobia Source Feeling fearful about something. Not to worry. Everyone has fears and when you really look at them, they're often more funny than we think.

8. Even the Calendar Says WTF

Even the Calendar Says WTF Source It's a fact of life and we see it everyday, but don't always notice. You've made it through Monday and Tuesday (hooray) and come Hump Day, even the calendar agrees with your thoughts.

7. Dwight Schrute Decision Making

Dwight Schrute Decision Making Source Midweek slumps making it hard to make a decision. Look no further than Dwight Schrute to lead you down the right path with his very blunt logic.

6. Every Man Has This Look When His Wife Is Driving

Every Man Has This Look When His Wife Is Driving Source It must be ingrained in men. Being in the passenger seat isn't just uncomfortable; at time it can be hilariously terrifying.

5. Who Isn't Buying This?

Who Isn't Buying This? Source

Seriously! It's hard to get through an hour of TV without a toilet paper commercial, but truth me told, do we really need advertisements for it?

4. Already A Weapon of Mass Seduction

Already A Weapon of Mass Seduction Source There's nothing like Robert Downey Jr quotes to spin a mundane thought into something entertaining.

3. If People Winked IRL As Much as They Do in Text...

If People Winked IRL As Much as They Do in Text... Source Why do we insist on communicating via winks? Emoticons have a place and time, but we all have that one friend (or many) that can't seem to get through a conversation without sending a cartoon face, or five.

2. Oh, You Have to Go Back to Work?

Oh, You Have to Go Back to Work? Source By Wednesday, work is something that's easy to complain about. But at the end of the day you're making money and making a living. Is it really that bad? ( I think not...)

1. ... It's Only Wednesday

... It's Only Wednesday Source No matter how much you despise Wednesdays resist the urge to complain. After all, do you really want to look like this?

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Funny Quotes to Get You Through Hump Day

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