6 Best Electric Skateboards

6 Best Electric Skateboards


After 18 hours of research evaluating 75 products, we picked Inboard M1 Premium Electric Skateboard as our top choice.

The Back to the Future day was probably the saddest wannabe-holiday we've had in a while, as the brutal reality check left us thinking we'll never have the hoverboards, pizza hydrators, or self-drying clothes.

The reality is:

We'll have to settle for something resembling a flying car. We might never step on a hoverboard, but the best electric skateboard products will make you forget all about your childhood wishes and simply – enjoy the ride.


If you're not sure what electric skateboards are, here's a quick catch-up: they're a modern twist on a classic skateboard. Featuring an electric motor (or four), they will have you cruising around town without the need to push yourself.

Most electric longboard products (and electronic skateboards) are created from top-notch materials. They are extremely durable and can achieve solid speeds. They even have batteries that can last long enough to get you from point A to point B.

Electronic skateboards are becoming increasingly popular and a solution for those looking to avoid  traffic and public transportation.

Looking for the best electric skateboard you can find? Check out our list below.

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