9 Best Electric Skateboards

9 Best Electric Skateboards

The Back to the Future day was probably the saddest holiday-wannabe day we had all year, as the brutal reality check had us thinking we'll never have the damned hoverboards, pizza hydrators or self-drying clothes.

We'll have to settle for something resembling a flying car and something resembling self-lacing shoes. Just like a rebound one-night stand, we might never step on a hoverboard, but these electric skateboards will make you forget all about your childhood wishes and simply – enjoy the ride.

If you're not sure what electric skateboards (or e-boards) are, here's a quick catch-up: they're a modern twist on a classic skateboard. Featuring an electric motor (or four), they will have you cruising around town without the need to push yourself, looking like you're suffering a seizure.

Usually, each electric longboard or motorized skateboard is created from top-notch materials. They are extremely durable and hey can also achieve solid speeds and have batteries that can last long enough to get you from point A to point B.

E-boards are becoming increasingly popular and a viable solution for all those looking to avoid the crowded traffic and public transportation, but also for those who don't have enough room to pack a bicycle or a scooter.

Looking for the best electric skateboard you can find? Each one of these should make it to your e skateboard best-of list. Enjoy!