Why people love it
  • Great for fine motor development
  • Easy to transport
  • Perfect for young toddlers

Voted one of the best “Toys that Encourage Fine Motor Development” for toddlers, these magnetic wooden blocks from Tegu make a great addition to your child’s playroom (or to your travel bag). 

While beautiful to look at and built to last, these magnetic blocks are built on the simple side so don’t expect your kids to be captivated by these for very long. They’re also pretty pricey for a set of eight blocks.


Age: These blocks are a great way to get your young toddlers interested in magnetic toys. Anything older than that and these blocks may not hold their interest.

Quality: In general, these are very high-quality magnetic blocks. According to the manufacturer, they contain no lead or plastic and were coated with a water-based lacquer, so they’re very safe for your children to play with.

Safety: Previous customers haven’t reported any issues with magnets falling off of the blocks, so that, in combination with the natural construction of these, makes for a very safe toy to let your children play with.

Price: While these are very expensive blocks—especially considering what little you can do with them—you’re paying for the high-quality workmanship and the convenience of a travel-friendly magnetic toy.

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