9 Best Travel Gadgets & Accessories

9 Best Travel Gadgets & Accessories

Going across the world isn’t like hopping across state borders; there’s a great deal more to consider than you might imagine – starting with visa requirements.

American passport holders are part of the Schengen Visa Group.  You can arrive at the border of any of member country and be admitted for a few months for tourist purposes.  In addition, the United States has bilateral agreements with several like-minded countries.  Between these accords, you can travel to the UK and much of Western Europe without a separate visa application.  But, if you’re planning to spend time in Australia, Russia and many developing countries, you’ll need to check the visa requirements long before you worry about which Eagle Creek travel backpack you plan to buy. 

How long you plan to be away from home – and the political, economic, social, and physical climate of your destination will determine which travel accessories you pack.  The United States has a unique culture, and you’re unlikely to find the comforts of home no matter where you go.  You won’t have access to Netflix, will need to adjust to entirely different driving regulation, and you’ll soon discover that many items are more expensive than you’re accustomed to. 

You travel gear should enable you to pack your necessities without overburdening yourself.  Travel items such as the Eagle Creek packing cubes featured here will allow you to do just that.  But, you’ll also need to consider the travel gadgets such as charging stations and overseas phone cards that allow you to connect to the world the way you always do.  Don’t forget that the right travel pillow can make a sincere difference. 

When it comes to safety and security abroad, you should know that the rest of the world works with differing norms.  In many countries, you won’t need to worry about yourself or your belongings any more than you would when travelling domestically.  In some places, you can expect airport security to rummage through your bags and for taxi drivers to assess your vulnerability before you know where you are.  Steer clear of anything that paints you as a tourist.  Your travel wallet should be more like a money belt than a large or ostentatious display of wealth.   

Not sure what will make your first international vacation a success?  Just look at what the experts travel with.