5 Best DVI to HDMI Cables and Adapters

5 Best DVI to HDMI Cables and Adapters

Even though HDMI is the dominant force in today's high-quality video interface, DVI (Digital Video Interface) and DVI cables are still present. It's usually associated with PC graphics cards (it's easy to notice the unusual-looking port), but can also be found on various TVs, game consoles and DVD players.

People looking to connect their DVI-enabled devices to their TVs usually go down the line of least resistance (buying a straight-up DVI to HDMI cable), but sometimes they're forced into buying a simple HDMI cable and getting a DVI adapter for the signal transfer.

Most frequently, that seems to be the case when a longer cable is needed to connect the devices, as a longer HDMI cable is cheaper than a DVI to HDMI one, so getting an adapter can save you some money.

What's important to know is that there is no difference, in terms of image quality, between getting a DVI to HDMI cable (or HDMI to DVI cable), or getting an adapter. You will have the exact same image quality on both. However, keep in mind that these connections only transfer video, not audio.

So if you're looking for a DVI to HDMI cable, or an adapter – look no further. Below are the best of the bunch.

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5 Best DVI to HDMI Cables

  • 5. Cable Matters gold-plated DVI to HDMI adapter
  • 4. Cables Unlimited HDMI to DVI-D cable
  • 3. AmazonBasics HDMI to DVI adapter cable
  • 2. Rankie Gold-Plated HDMI to DVI adapter converter
  • 1. BlueRigger High Speed HDMI to DVI Adapter Cable

Most User-Friendly Adapter


Cable Matters gold-plated DVI to HDMI adapter

Most User-Friendly Adapter: Cable Matters gold-plated DVI to HDMI adapter
440 Bought
90 % Editor Score
80 % User Score

Why People Love it

  • Both male to female and female to male connectivity
  • A well-built product, with sturdy plastic and gold plating
  • Resists corrosion and increases durability

Bi-directional HDMI-DVI adapter, comes in a convenient 2-pack, sturdy, gold-plated connectors, good grip design, affordable, and reliable.

Audio must be transmitted separately.

Performance: For reliable two-way HDMI-DVI or DVI-HDMI connectivity, this is a great choice. The adapters are compatible with both male and female DVI and HDMI, so you can connect any two devices together easily. With a sturdy plastic shell and gold-plated connectors, this is a well-built, durable two-pack that will make connecting your devices a cinch.

Features: One adaptor comes with a female HDMI and male DVI connection, while the other comes with a male HDMI and female DVI connection. The adaptor supports video resolution up to full 1080p HD, but the audio must be connected separately (quite a pain in the butt!).

The plastic shell has a patterned grip that makes it easy to plug in and disconnect the adaptor.

Price: At $8 for the 2-pack, you get a great way to connect any devices (computer monitor, TV, Blu-ray player, TV box, console, etc.).

Most Durable HDMI to DVI Adapter


Cables Unlimited HDMI to DVI-D cable

Most Durable HDMI to DVI Adapter: Cables Unlimited HDMI to DVI-D cable
375 Bought
90 % Editor Score
82 % User Score

Why People Love it

  • Compatible with all HDTV formats
  • Quality materials and good workmanship
  • Lifetime Warranty

Lifetime warranty, sturdy, good connectivity, price is highly competitive, thick shielding, produces a clean image, and reliable.

Quality control issues.

Performance: The HDMI cable is compatible with all HDTV formats, making it easy for you to connect any device to your TV or monitor for high quality image resolution. It can be used with both 720 and 1080p.

The gold-plated connectors are resistant to damage and corrosion. The lifetime warranty offered on the cables means you'll always have a reliable way to connect your devices together.

Note: Some users have reported that the product (shipped from China) arrived defective and didn't work.

Features: The 6-foot long cable allows you to connect multiple devices without having to rearrange your entertainment unit setup. Despite the length, the cable shielding is thick enough to prevent anything from interfering with image quality.

Price: At just under $7, this is a well-priced cable—one that comes with a lifetime warranty so you're never stuck without a way to connect.

Best Quality HDMI to DVI Adapter


AmazonBasics HDMI to DVI adapter cable

Best Quality HDMI to DVI Adapter: AmazonBasics HDMI to DVI adapter cable
354 Bought
92 % Editor Score
87 % User Score

Why People Love it

  • Gold-plated connectors
  • Net jacket for extra layer of protection
  • One-year limited warranty

Backwards compatible, avoids clutter, additional layer of protection, increased cut resistance, one-year limited warranty, and, overall, great quality at a low price.

Quality control issues.

Performance: If you want a cable ideal for connecting your notebook/netbook to any HDMI-enabled TV, this is the one for you. At 6-feet in length, it's long enough for easy connections without cluttering up your entertainment unit or living room. It's even backwards compatible, meaning it can be used with older DVI signals (DVI-D and DVI-I)

The product delivers exactly what it's supposed to: a reliable, durable cable free of interference or image artifacts. Thanks to the gold-plated connectors, you get years of regular use without worrying about corrosion or rusting.

Be warned: a few people have complained that their cable was DOA ("dead on arrival"). Quality control issues may be a problem, but the 1-year warranty ensures Amazon will send a new product if that's the case.

Features: The cable net jacket is nice and thick, adding more protection from damage and preventing anything from severing the metal wires within. The HD-quality video transmission will make watching TV or playing games very enjoyable. With up to 18 Gbps bandwidth and 4K resolution, you get a quality viewing experience.

Be warned: the cable does NOT have audio capacity!

Price: At $7, this is a well-priced cable. It delivers quality at a great cost, and you'll find it's a reliable option for connecting your devices.

Most Reliable HDMI to DVI Adapter


Rankie Gold-Plated HDMI to DVI adapter converter

Most Reliable HDMI to DVI Adapter: Rankie Gold-Plated HDMI to DVI adapter converter
461 Bought
96 % Editor Score
91 % User Score

Why People Love it

  • Bi-directional, highly reliable
  • Sturdy adapter
  • Hand-tightened screws for extra grip

Cheap, well-built, bi-directional, affordable price, gold-plated, grip treads help plugging and unplugging, long-lasting, excellent value, and great craftsmanship.

Adapter head is very large.

Performance: If you want a good-looking product that gets the job done, you'll love these adapters. They're designed to both convert HDMI to DVI and DVI to HDMI, enabling you to connect any two devices you own. Whether you're setting up a gaming system, connecting your TV to your computer, or pairing TVs, this will do the trick.

The bi-directional adaptors are great for use at the office as well as at home, as they can make connecting your monitors and projectors incredibly simple. With video resolution up to 1080p HD, you get excellent image quality.

On the downside, the adapter head is very wide, so you won't be able to use two of them side by side.

Features: The connectors are gold-plated, ensuring maximum resistance to wear and tear. The textured surface of the adapter gives you a good grip, making it easy to plug in/pull out. Thanks to the hand-tightened screws, you can secure the connectors in place.

Price: At $9, this is one of the priciest adaptors on our list. However, it delivers the quality and convenience you need, making it well worth the price for the 2-pack.

Best HDMI to DVI Adapter Overall


BlueRigger High Speed HDMI to DVI Adapter Cable

Best HDMI to DVI Adapter Overall: BlueRigger High Speed HDMI to DVI Adapter Cable
1,378 Bought
96 % Editor Score
96 % User Score

Why People Love it

  • Supports all resolutions from 720p up
  • Gold plated HDMI A Male to DVI 24+1 Male connector
  • BlueRigger Limited lifetime warranty

6.6 feet (2 meters) long, gold-plated, fully coated PVC outer layer, compatible with pretty much any device, a very well-built feel, plugs in firmly and stays where it's put, sturdy, and produces seriously awesome output picture quality.

Some pieces of the cable are prone to wear and tear.

Performance: If you want high quality image/video, you'll love this cable. It plays video up to 4K resolution or 1080p quality, making it perfect for any gaming or entertainment system. Whether you're trying to connect an Xbox/Playstation, a Blu-Ray player, or a computer, the cable does the job in style.

Hold it in your hand and you'll notice how solid and sturdy it feels. The cable is built with an extra-thick jacket, offering added protection to extend the cable's lifespan. With the limited lifetime warranty, you can trust the cable will work well for years to come.

However, be warned: the screws are prone to wear and tear, especially if you use the adapter with a lot of other cables.

Features: The 6 ½ foot-long cable is ideal for connecting devices from anywhere in your living room or entertainment unit. The extended screw grips built into the adapter make it easy to tighten and secure in place. Even if you don't tighten the screws, the adapter won't fall out.

Price: At $8 for the extra-long cable, you're getting great quality at a decent price. Plus, BlueRigger offers a limited lifetime warranty to back up the quality of their product.

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