5 Best DVI to HDMI Cables and Adapters

5 Best DVI to HDMI Cables and Adapters

Even though HDMI is the dominant force in today's high-quality video interface, DVI (Digital Video Interface) and DVI cables are still present. It's usually associated with PC graphics cards (it's easy to notice the unusual-looking port), but can also be found on various TVs, game consoles and DVD players.

People looking to connect their DVI-enabled devices to their TVs usually go down the line of least resistance (buying a straight-up DVI to HDMI cable), but sometimes they're forced into buying a simple HDMI cable and getting a DVI adapter for the signal transfer.

Most frequently, that seems to be the case when a longer cable is needed to connect the devices, as a longer HDMI cable is cheaper than a DVI to HDMI one, so getting an adapter can save you some money.

What's important to know is that there is no difference, in terms of image quality, between getting a DVI to HDMI cable (or HDMI to DVI cable), or getting an adapter. You will have the exact same image quality on both. However, keep in mind that these connections only transfer video, not audio.

So if you're looking for a DVI to HDMI cable, or an adapter – look no further. Below are the best of the bunch.

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