Best Gift for a Tech-Savvy Mom

7-Port Charging Station Dock
  • Eliminates cable clutter
  • Compact size
  • Dependable performance (especially when compared to other docks)
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Anti-scratch dividers hold up to 7 digital devices in place. Surge protection prevents electrical issues from damaging mom’s beloved electronics.

Some users complain the included cables are long and bulky, but mom can swap them out with shorter cables if she wants.


Why she needs it: It can be difficult for a tech-savvy mom to decide which device to charge first, especially if she also has kids who love digital devices. This 7-port dock eliminates that decision and puts an end to the "But it's my turn to charge my iPad" arguments. Mom can charge multiple iPhones and tablets at the same time without removing their cases or searching for an available outlet.

Price: This 7-port charger costs around $50 to $60, a price that falls on the lower end of the best gifts for mom on our list.


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