Not enough floor or table space for an indoor garden? This planter has you covered.

  • Perfect gift for gardeners and foodies
  • Super-strong & soft felt pockets are non-toxic and made from recycled water bottles
  • Easy to install

This is a brilliant idea. And, it's little wonder that this is an Amazon #1 Bestseller in Plant Grow Bags. It's easy to install and environmentally friendly. Plus it means you can have flowering plants or fresh produce all year long. 

What Reviewers Say:

  • I think this is a great way to grow plants in a limited space. It took an 8 qt. bag of potting soil to fill it initially (FYI- an 8 qt. bag of potting soil is about 15" high and 12" wide) - and I planted parsnip, thyme, yarrow, parsley, dill, fennel, and mustard. That's where I was at the time I snapped these pictures. Then, I decided it really did need more soil. I added another bag. If you get about 16 qt. of potting soil, that will be plenty to completely fill all 7 pockets. I hung it over my gate with string - it works. 5 feet of vertical space is not taking up much usable space and once it gets growing, I'll have fresh herbs + it will add beauty and more personality to my patio. This would probably also be a good way to start plants off and for cuttings.
  • This is a nice long planter and the pockets are nice and deep as well. I love that the materials are eco friendly and non-toxic, and the whole thing is wonderfully made. The pouches really do retain water perfectly and all of my plants seem to be thriving so far! The hanging design is just awesome and so unique. It's very functional and looks great as well! I love how many plants it can fit without taking up too much space. I've loved this planter so much that I'm thinking of buying one for my mom as well.
  • This Ambitious Walnut 7-pocket XL Vertical Garden Planter is absolutely an amazing design.  I installed it in the wall near my front balcony, after moving some small potted plants there, it looks awesome.

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