Why people love it
  • This bed was made with large and extra-large breed body type and common health problems in mind
  • Super sturdy and can withstand larger dog weights both during sleep and playtime
  • Easy to clean

With nearly 1,900 reviews on Amazon and a 4.9-star rating, it was pretty difficult finding anything wrong with this bed. The most common complaint was that older dogs were reluctant to give it a try.


Support: From the 3-star reviews on Amazon (and that's as low as they go) to the 5-star ones, this bed is almost universally lauded for the amount of support it provides to large, extra-large, and giant dog breeds. The manufacturer also promises that the orthopedic foam will retain at least 90% of its shape and density for at least ten years.

Size: Big Barker caters to the larger crowd, so you'll find sizes for Large (48" x 30"), Extra Large (52" x 36"), and Giant (60" x 48"). All of these stand 7" off of the ground (which is much higher than most beds), so it makes getting in and out of bed much easier for taller dogs.

Scent & Stain Control: Covers are easy to clean and machine washable. They're also made of 100% microfiber, so they're comfortable for both dogs and humans to lay on.

Value: When you've got a larger dog, you've got to expect more of everything. More drool, more orthopedic problems, more space needed, more food, and more money to spend on them. Many reviewers have reported trying to go the cheaper route in large dog beds before trying the Big Barker, only to have them sink and sag and not live up to the promise of support which all gentle giants need. This bed's quality makes the higher price tag a worthy investment. 

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