If you like your shorts to be just a bit longer, this pair ends just below the kneecaps - perfect for a bit of modesty and style.

  • Made from Custom MODAL French-Terry fabric
  • 100% designed and manufactured in Los Angeles

The pockets are lined with soft velour, and you'll find that these Yoga shorts are as eco-friendly as it gets.

What Reviewers Say:

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  • I have used the shorts at the gym, but think that they work best when you just want to wear something casual at home or on a warm summer's day. Having said that, I think that they would actually work great for most physical activities ranging from a yoga class to jogging or vollyball. If you are around six feet tall and normally built, large should be the right size for you.
  • Excellent yoga pant. Extremely comfortable. Will stretch with you in yoga poses and is in no way restrictive. Love these. Great company with high quality clothes. Thank you !!!!!
  • The first surprise is how quickly the order arrives from 4-rth, by Priority Mail almost immediately. Better yet, the shorts (several pair, different styles) all fit perfectly and comfortably. They're well designed and with just the right amount of stretch. They may seem a little pricey but they're worth it. I'm sure I'll be a return customer.
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