Why people love it
  • Made in the USA
  • Incredible flexibility and range of motion
  • Custom MODAL French-Terry fabric from sustainable Birch Tree wood

They're actually made with birch tree fibers, and the slim fit helps to accentuate your muscular upper body.

What Reviewers Say: 

  • Finally lounge/fitness pants that fit! I am kind of small and skinny (5'4") and I've never been able to find pants that look good. Most pants like this are baggy with poor styling/fashion, but these aren't like that. These have a slim fit that compliment a good figure. It is true that they are a little too long (I expected this considering how short I am), but I don't mind dealing with that considering how good they look. I'm usually too lazy/busy to write reviews but I liked these so much I wanted to provide some good feedback. I hope the company will consider a shorter version as it seems, based on other reviews, that most people think they are too long. Wish they weren't so expensive, but I like them so much it was worth it!
  • As expected. Fit did show off your butt. Think what you like about a girl in yoga pants then apply that thought process to your own ass.
  • I still have these and wear them as my "lounge around the house" pants. I wear them at least 4 days a week and they have held up perfectly! Even after 18 months of washing, they have held up without any loose threads or fabric thinning. I like them so much and they are so comfortable that I just ordered another pair tonight!

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