• Odor resistant
  • Elastic; makes it easy to wrap tight for added compression
  • Useful for a wide range of injuries

For wrapping tight around any injury, this is the bandage of choice. Found in EVERY athlete's bag, it provides the protection and support your injury needs.

What Reviewers Say:

  • I've been wearing Ace Bandages for over 40 years to control swelling in my feet and ankles. I've tried others but they just don't stand up to washing and drying. These were rock-bottom priced and delivered in a few days.
  • My local pharmacy gave me the newer elastic style - no good. Needed to support a knee that likes to collapse and this is the one. Supportive, doesn't wad up under the knee, and the clips hold firm.
  • There is a reason ACE is a genericized trademark for these types of "bandages". They truly are the best elastic bandages on the market. My one complaint would be that they don't make super long bandages which would help when icing your torso (lower-back). But they are so strong that it makes up for the lack of length. I need to use 2 ACE Bandages for my lower-back but they hold the ice in place so well you never have to worry about it slipping. I don't like the clips that come with the bandages and prefer to just tuck the bandage under itself to hold it in place.

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