Why people love it
  • Feel comfortable once positioned properly in your ears
  • Can use each pair multiple times, which means a bigger bang for your buck
  • They seal well inside the ear and stay put

One of the nice things about foam earplugs is that you can really get the biggest bang for your buck when buying them in bulk (especially if they work as well as these guys do). These also happen to be individually packaged, so they're easy to take along with you when you're flying, staying in hotels, or on vacation. 

These foam earplugs expand much more quickly than their counterparts, so you might experience issues with inserting these into your ears to start (it's more frustrating than anything else). Also, people with shorter ear canals may have problems with these slipping out while sleeping.


Ease of Use: If you're familiar with the process of rolling the foam earplug into a cylinder and then inserting into the ear canal, you should have no problem with this product. However, these earplugs expanded much more quickly than other brands of foam earplugs, so it may take you a few tries to get it right. That said, once it's in, expect it to stay put.

Comfort: While customers often complain about these earplugs feeling stiff, that feature is really what makes these ear plugs so effective. Otherwise, you end up with something too soft and squishy that’s likely to fall out (and that’ll do you no good). Expect to wear these all night, and maybe even into the next day, without any major discomfort.

Effectiveness: Not only are these earplugs great for sleeping, but they also work well to block out ambient noises while flying, at school, or at work. While they are effective at muffling loud noises (like the sound of a dishwasher or washing machine that you may prefer to run at night), you can still hear the things that matter… like a kid calling to you or a dog whimpering to go outside.

Price: There are 30 pairs of earplugs in the box, each of which come in their own individual packet (which is awesome for traveling). Needless to say, we find this to be a good product at a great value.

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