360 Sport 2.0 Boxer Brief

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  • Next-level comfort for your workouts
  • “As close as you can get to going commando”
  • High-tech fabric, quality design

Sick and tired of soaked, soggy underwear? These bad boys are built for sport, and they’ll provide you with more comfort, ventilation, and moisture-wicking than your current underwear. Definitely a gymgoer, runner, and martial artist’s dream underwear!

Lacking support for high-intensity cardio exercise.


Fit and Comfort:

These underwear are built for exercise, and you’ll find they’re some of the most innovative on the market. High quality fabric aside (see the next section), you’ll love how well these stretch, with 360-degree elasticity that makes it easy to move around without worrying about bunching, sagging, or soggy underwear. The mesh cooling zones help to keep everything well-ventilated and cool for maximum comfort on the hottest days of the year.

The Stay Put waistband will keep the underwear firmly in place no matter how hard you train. While the underwear might not have the best support for maximum-intensity and high-impact exercise, they’re capable of keeping up with any run, Yoga class, resistance training workout, and CrossFit session. They’ve even got a nifty pocket built in that allows you to carry your valuables with you wherever you go. 

Fabric and Durability:

The synthetic fabrics (including Spandex) offer excellent breathability, good moisture-wicking properties, and flexibility that will help you move around easily. The underwear label “360” denotes 360-degree stretching capabilities, and never have problems while running, jumping, and playing in these bad boys.

Durability is about what you’d expect for synthetic fabrics. The antimicrobial and anti-odor lining helps to keep them from smelling bad after heavy use, but you may find that they start to wear out within 6-12 months of hardcore training.


$34 is a great price to pay for high quality “runderwear” like these, though they’re definitely pricier than your typical choices. If you’re an active gymgoer or CrossFitter, these underwear are what you need!

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