3 Piece Tillandsia Air Plant Crystals Kit

Best Gift for a Teen Girl Who Loves Plants

Why people love it
  • Simple DIY craft
  • Beautiful crystals
  • Plants are easy to maintain

Plants ship directly from a greenhouse, not a warehouse or retail store. Long-lasting plants help purify the air in your teen’s room.

Very few reviewers have anything bad to say about this air plant kit, but a few complain that it’s difficult to water the plants once they’re inside of the crystals.


Let your teen cultivate her green thumb without neglecting her studies or social life when you surprise her with this air plant kit. Air plants require minimal maintenance to thrive, so she only has to water them once a week. They don’t need soil, so your teen won’t end up with dirt all over her bedroom.

The crystals in this DIY kit promote healing and harmony, so she’ll be infusing her home with good vibes. Not sure she’ll like these plants? Succulents are also popular with teen girls.

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