Best Mens Compression Pants for Athletes

2XU Men's Recovery Compression Tights
  • Great for speeding up recovery time after an intense workout or training session
  • Reduces swelling, lactic acid production, and muscle cramps; enhances circulation
  • Highly rated by NBA, NFL, and MLB athletes
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Excellent for post-workout recovery, graduated compression, great for improving circulation, athletic design, good versatility, doesn't hinder range of movement, not too thick or heavy, midweight pressure, and comfortable for long-term use.

The waist is a bit too tight and they are pretty pricey.


Performance: If you've got a long game, training session, or workout ahead of you, these are the compression pants for you. They offer midweight compression to enhance circulation and oxygenation, boost muscular performance, and prevent swelling. However, they're not so tight that they'll hinder blood flow if worn for a marathon or day-training workout.

For athletes who need to run, jump, and play at top speed, you'll find these are the most versatile compression pants around. They're great for enhancing joint mobility and flexibility, and they'll keep your hips and knees in proper alignment as you train.

Design: The pants place solid pressure on your legs, glutes, and hamstrings. The use of graduated compression strategically applies the pressure to your muscles without reducing range of motion. Though the waist is a bit tight, the pants will stay securely in place.

These pants were designed with post-workout recovery in mind. They can be worn for hours after the game ends without being too constrictive, helping the body to eliminate lactic acid. Thanks to their moisture-wicking material, you can be comfortable no matter how hard you work.

Price: Starting at $70 and rising as high as $300, these are a VERY pricey option. They are used by professional athletes around the world, but they may be a tad too expensive for the average person.


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