2(X)IST Essential Contour Pouch Briefs

Best Contour Pouch Underwear for Men

Why people love it
  • Supreme comfort
  • Good amount of support in the pouch without being constricting
  • Comparable to more expensive brands

The most common complaint with this underwear is a drop in overall quality and a change in styling. Most of these comments were left a few years ago though, so 2(X)IST may have fixed the issues since then.


Fabric: This 100% cotton underwear is most commonly noted for how soft it is against the skin.

Support: The contour pouch in this underwear pulls double duty: it works to give your package extra room to breathe, but it also works to provide non-restrictive support.

Comfort: If you’re looking at this underwear, it’s most likely the pouch that has attracted you to it—and, according to the reviews, the pouch does exactly what it promises, creating an extremely comfortable below-the-clothes experience.

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