2 Tone Thai Fisherman Pants Yoga Trousers

Best Yoga Pants for Freedom of Movemement

Why people love it
  • They make you look as cool as a samurai
  • Perfect pants for lounging around the house
  • Made of top-notch material that's thin and breathes well

These lightweight and airy yoga pants are ideal for lounging, meditation, stretching, or gentle yoga. You'll never feel constricted in these pants, as they'll move and flow wonderfully with you!

If you're over 5'8" be prepared to either wear these low on your waste, or wear them as highwaters. These pants also have somewhat of a long delivery time, but that's to be expected since they're coming all the way from Thailand!


Quality:  The 2 Tone Thai Fisherman Pants are handmade out of strong and durable cotton from Thailand. But, not to worry, the company doesn't support sweatshops. In fact, these pants are sewn by a group of women in a quiet suburban home. That feels pretty good, doesn't it? The fabric provides a lightweight and airy feel. Perfect for anyone looking to lounge, stretch, or meditate. 

Style: These bestselling bottoms are one size fits all or "free size". The style is meant to be extremely loose and roomy while the length should touch just at or above the ankle. The Thai Fisherman Pants have a very wide waist with a belt that ties from the back. Simply step into the pants, pull the waist out to one side, wrap the extra fabric around to the front, and tie the belt. The length can be adjusted by folding over the top of the pants. We know, it's a bit complicated. But, if you watch this YouTube video, you'll get the hang of it in no time! They even feature a hidden pocket on the leg for added convenience.

Price: This yoga pant is designed to provide you with top-notch quality, but won’t hurt your wallet. At under $8, these pants couldn't get any cheaper. And, they're the least expensive ones on our list. Trust us, you're going to want multiple pairs.

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