Best Earbuds for Sound Quality

1MORE Triple Driver In-Ear Headphones
  • Excellent, warm, and layered sound quality
  • Well-built earbuds; comfortable and convenient
  • Tuned by Grammy award-winning sound engineer Luca Binardi

Gorgeous sound quality, solid build, simple and reliable design, good fit, comfortable, low profile, three-button inline controls, iOS and Android compatible, balanced sound signature, and great details and sound range.

The plastic remote is cheap and flimsy, the rubber cable is irritating, and the price is a bit on the high end of products on our list. 


Design: These earbuds have the basic design: silicone ear tips angled slightly downward to make them a comfortable fit, a long cable, and built-in controls. Though the controls are a bit flimsy (plastic), they offer something no other headphones can: compatibility with BOTH iOS and Android devices. You'll find the controls make it very easy to operate any smartphone or tablet.

The earbuds are milled from aluminum, and the rose gold finish makes them look very elegant and stylish. They are low-profile and angled to sit comfortably in your ears. Though they're not suited for active use, they'll keep up with gaming, movies, and any other type of activity.

Performance: Sound performance is where these headphones really shine. With their Triple Drivers—two balanced armatures, with a separate dynamic driver built in—they provide a well-balanced sound with a warm signature and excellent detail. Play your favorite classical song and you'll see how layered and complex the sound is, with minute details that will stand out in a way no ordinary earbud can match. The velvety mids, driving bass, and clear highs combine to make a beautifully warm tonal balance.

Features: The earbuds are designed to be noise-isolating, keeping out background noise without totally blocking your sense of hearing. The cable is durable enough, but the rubber coating that offers enhanced protection from damage also makes them super annoying—they get tangled and twisted too easily.

Price: At $75, these are definitely on the pricier side, but a great option if you're looking for sterling-quality sound from a pair of earbuds.


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