104-Piece All Media Easel Artist Set

Best Gift for an Artsy Dad

Why people love it
  • Great basic kit
  • Compact easel folds up for storage
  • Easily transportable for on-the-go sketching and painting

Some reviewers complain that the wooden case falls apart easily.


Why he needs it: Encourage dad to explore his creative tendencies with this budget-friendly art set. It comes with an assortment of supplies so he can figure out whether he prefers painting, sketching, or other mediums, before committing to a higher-priced art kit. This 104-piece set contains everything a beginner needs to get started - well, except for the magnets he's going to use when he displays his artwork on the fridge beside Junior's science test.

Price: You’ll have to fork over $60 for this art kit. That’s a fair price for what you get.

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