Why people love it
  • Super trendy
  • Great for everyday wear
  • One of a kind print

The print on this tie can clash with patterned shirts so you want a complementary shirt in a solid color or discreet print. 


Fabric: This bow tie is handmade with 100% silk and can be dressed up or down as you choose. This tie isn't designed for formal events, but it would pair nicely with a great jacket for a dinner date or everyday classic, casual wear. 

Shape: This slim tie may be smaller than the standard butterfly shape, but it is very eye-catching. If you have an individual style, this is a great bow tie that you will want to wear again and again. 

Type: This is a self-tie bow tie that is great for first timers. The slim shape makes it slightly less intimidating to learn how to tie a good bow. It's more forgiving than a butterfly bow tie, and will look great even if it's a little uneven. 

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