When it's time to light up the sky with lanterns (and you don't want to spend a fortune).

  • 100% biodegradable
  • Made from flame-retardant white paper

These are always a blast when you have something to celebrate outdoors. They make a stunning display as the sun sets - and you get 10 of these per pack. If you're keen to write your own message to the world, feel free to write on these with a sharpie.

What Reviewers Say: 

It's almost unbelievable that people review disposable lanterns, but they do. And here is that they have to say:

  • I bought a box of 10 sky lanterns from this company in 2010 and absolutely loved them. They always had plenty of lift on take off and went very high in the sky. I timed them and they had approximately a 4 minute light time before they extinguished.
  • These lanterns are safe and easy to launch..has created much fun, all friends and family were excited to see and be a part of, great for a special occasion, going to order 30 more today as I gave away too many!
  • These were the highlight of my daughter's 5th birthday. We had seen the movie Tangled and I thought it would be a really fun idea to send these up for her birthday party. All of the kids were outside sledding and the adults sent the sky lanterns up - we couldn't believe how high they went and how beautiful it was. Everyone asked where I got them - I have no doubt that we will do it again:)

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