Unforgivable by Sean John

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Why people love it
  • Great for a night on the town
  • Smells like a combination of power and danger
  • Women love the oceany, yet dark, rum smell
  • 100% authentic & lower priced than department stores

The combination of fascinating and alluring scents make this cologne unique.

A more complex scent.


There are some fragrances that are judged by their cover. This is one of them. Yet, it really shouldn't be. Although this has a wild combination of scents, it can be unbelievably desirable. There are some mixed opinions on this cologne when it comes to what men think. However, there is something in it which begs the ladies to swoon. This price reflects the 2.5 fluid ounce bottle. Smells like Sicilian lemon, Italian bergamot, green mandarin, Moroccan tangerine, grapefruit, juniper leaves, birch leaves, champagne, Tuscan basil, florentine iris, clay sage, lavender, cashmere accord, Australian sandalwood, amber, tonka bean, and rum.

What Reviewers Say:

We know you want to know what other men think about this scent (though your woman's opinion might be enough), and this is what they have to say:

  • I love the sophisticated smell of Sean John Unforgivable. I usually wear Le Male by Gaultier, but I had to add another signature smell. It's that good.
  • Imagine having a swim in the ocean on a summer day... as you walk back on the beach, your skin slowly dries and the ocean breeze blows the disctinct smell of the salty remains on your body, mixed with the leftover citrusy-orangey hint of the Terre d'Hermes you wore yesterday and memories of the glass of rum you enjoyed at sunset...
  • This is my wife's most requested fragrance for me to wear. The fruity opening with the slight amber dry down is a nice transition. Somewhat resembles MI but gets darker on the dry down. Great overall scent and not too strong.
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