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10 Kickass Flashlights for 2014

Real men aren't afraid of the dark - at least that's what they say. But the most practical among us know the real ticket to taking on the world's darkest corners, whether on a backwoods hiking trip or climbing under the house to wrench on the plumbing, is the right tool.

Lucky for you, we've shortlisted some really unique and innovative flashlights to help you combat the darkness and put the odds of survival back in your favor. A nice bright flashlight can make working in the dark easier and less frustrating. It illuminates the world's dangers so you can face down your fears one confident step at a time.

And today's flashlights can do a whole lot more. We may not have practical Star Wars light sabers yet, but how about a flashlight that can actually start a fire?

Other flashlights are sturdy enough for self-defense and designed for just that purpose. A zombie trying to bite your face off? One of these bad-ass flashlights is just the thing for beating it over the head so you can scramble to safety...

Whatever your reason for lighting up the shadows, here are some interesting flashlights worth checking out!

Updated: 3 months ago

10Skyray King Super Bright 3x Cree Xm-l T6 LED Flashlight

Skyray King Super Bright 3x Cree Xm-l T6 LED Flashlight
The Skyray King torch flashlight is super bright at 2000LMs. This is powered by 4x 18650 rechargeable batteries. This LED flashlight has a high quality aluminum alloy body.  Learn more »

9Lighting EVERA Adjustable Focus CREE LED Flashlight

Lighting EVERA Adjustable Focus CREE LED Flashlight
This Lighting EVERA flashlight has an adjustable focus to give you different beams of light. This flashlight is powered by 3 AAA batteries which are included. It's shock resistant so it's good to carr… Learn more »

8Green House 2000lms LED Flashlight

Green House 2000lms LED Flashlight
The Green House 2000 lumens flashlight has a bright beam of light. It's made of aluminum alloy and has a waterproof design making this a very durable flashlight. Perfect for camping, hiking and fishi… Learn more »

7Ultrafire CREE XM-L2 U3

Ultrafire CREE XM-L2 U3
This Ultrafire CREE LED flashlight packs 2000LM. This very bright flashlight has 5 modes and is zoomable.  Learn more »

6Nitecore TM11 Tiny Monster

Nitecore TM11 Tiny Monster
The Nitecore TM11 Tiny Monster flashlight is the world's lightest and smallest 2000 lumen flashlight. It uses 3 CREE XM-L LED's. It's compatible with 18650 and CR123 batteries. With mineral glass it r… Learn more »

5Olight SR95

Olight SR95
The Olight SR95 can produce 2000 lumens. The light can extend up to 720 meters. It weighs 2.7 lbs so it won't weigh you down. Learn more »

4FENIX TK75 L2 2900

FENIX TK75 L2 2900
This Fenix TK75 has 2900 Lumens with a triple CREE LED. The LED's have a lifespan of 50000 hours.  Learn more »


This heavy duty MAGLITE can take a beating as well as give one. Aside from being a great flashlight it can also be use in defensive situations. Perfect for carrying with you at night while walking the… Learn more »

2Arctic Laser

Arctic Laser
This handheld laser light is encased in aircraft grade aluminum to make it virtually indestructible. The LED panel on the flashlight displays the current power level so there are no surprises. This la… Learn more »

1The Torch

The Torch
The Torch is capable of producing an incredible 4100 lumens of intense light. The intensity of this light is enough to light a fire or fry an egg if you really wanted to. Why wouldn't you want one? Th… Learn more »

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  1. Michael fulton
    pretty cool
    4 weeks ago
  2. Lisa Dion
    Love the laser, it looks neat!
    2 weeks ago
  3. T-Rex
    Lasers are not really flashlights. But I would love to have one though.
    2 weeks ago