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13 Men's Grooming Products To Up Your Game

While the long-haired ladies would never guess, every man with a bit of a fashion sense knows that keeping even short hair in order can be a tough job.

Whether playing the field or trying to make good first impressions at work, it's the small, subtle details that count for men's grooming. You might not want to look like a Dothraki warlord – or maybe you do – but either way, people respect a man who is well put-together.

Of course, hairless can be sexy too and will always be a classic fashion statement. And if you're losing your mane, understand that balding is not a choice but that rocking the bald look is. In this case, there are some interesting aerodynamic head-shavers that make that choice easier than ever.

Finding the right products can be a daunting task, given the thousands of options on the market, and as a man, you may be somewhat handicapped in this department. So we've gathered all of the right products to help you look your best, from a tool for getting those hairs lingering on the back to a sake-infused shaving gel.

Know a product we've missed? Bring it to our attention in the comments.

Updated: 1 month ago

13Gillette Mach3 Power Razor Sensitive

Gillette Mach3 Power Razor Sensitive
Gillette Mach3 Power Razor Sensitive. If you have sensitive skin and can't stand the scrapes and cuts from your old razor then you need to look into this razor.

12The Single Handed Barber

The Single Handed Barber
This trimmer can help you save money as well as look good. No longer will you have to make that trip to the barber and wait for your turn to get your hair cut. The single handed barber is as simple to use as combing your hair. You have to move the device in a circular motion so that the machine can pick up your hair. After a 16-hour charge you'll be able to get four 5-minute hair cuts.

11Panasonic ES8103S Men's Arc 3 Electric Shaver

Panasonic ES8103S Men's Arc 3 Electric Shaver
The fully loaded, wet/dry washable ES8103S boasts a three-blade shaving system for maximum coverage and closeness, even on the toughest parts of your beard! Its 30-degree-angle blades cut hair at its base, and a flexible pivoting head lets the shaver float effortlessly along your facial contours. A fast linear motor eliminates the tugging and pulling that can occur with slower shavers, and you’ll get peak power right up to the end of a charge. Travel pouch comes included in the bundle.


The Goateesaver is a Goatee Shaving Template that will keep you from shaving any vital parts of your goatee. We all know that coming back from that can be pretty tough. The Goateesaver will ensure that you get a perfect goatee every single time. This template is adjustable to fit most size faces.

9Power Shave Collection with Badger Power Brush

Power Shave Collection with Badger Power Brush
Power shaving set complete with stand, power razor and power brush

8NEW Aveeno Men's After Shave Lotion, Fragrance Free

NEW Aveeno Men's After Shave Lotion, Fragrance Free
NEW Aveeno Men's After Shave Lotion, Fragrance Free. If fragrances irritate you then this aveeno lotion will be perfect.

7Axe Anti-dandruff Styling Cream, 3.2 Ounce

Axe Anti-dandruff Styling Cream, 3.2 Ounce
Axe Anti-dandruff Styling Cream. Helps fight Dandruff with every application.

6Sake Infused Shave Cream

Sake Infused Shave Cream
This shaving cream is infused with Japanese Sake to give you a smooth shave for people with normal skin. The fact that it's infused with sake helps hydrate your skin and reduce bumps, redness and irritation. You can apply this with either your hand or a brush. Don't eat it, you won't get drunk.

5The Art of Shaving- Moustache Grower's Guide

The Art of Shaving- Moustache Grower's Guide
An illustrated guidebook on how to grow and maintain your mustache

4HeadBlade ATX All Terrain Head Razor

HeadBlade ATX All Terrain Head Razor
HeadBlade ATX All Terrain Head Razor. This razor not only looks cool but it actually give you a very comfortable shave.

3LED Fogfree Shower Mirror

LED Fogfree Shower Mirror
fogless mirror to help you shave while you shower. The LED lights help keep things illuminated to allow for the closest shaves.


This shaver will make shaving your back a breeze. It can reach all of those hard to reach places. You get two shaving heads, one for shaving long hairs and the other for regular maintenance. This shaver will give you a smooth shave every time.

1WAHL Pro Groomer

WAHL Pro Groomer
WAHL PRO GROOMER will help keep you looking sharp with it's dual shaver and it's ability to edge with precision. This shaver has 3 T-blade guides 1/8", 1/4" and 3/8" guides

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