14 Extraordinary Futuristic Watches for Men

When you were a kid, you could only dream of accessing the cool, futuristic gadgets you saw on Star Trek and Star Wars. But in our fast-paced world, your childhood fantasies are now becoming realities for the adult kid in you.

Make a different kind of fashion statement – or just entertain yourself – with our list of futuristic watches.  We tapped into our inner-geek and dug up the best high-tech sci-fi watches we could get our hands on.  Not sure of the best smartwatch for you? Don't stop at the Pebble smartwatch, keep looking around - you'll soon get a feel for the features you want.

You'll find complex LED displays, voice commands, GPS, projectors, Bluetooth, and all kinds of other snazzy features. And some of them just look awesome.

Even Spock would be proud of this list; our guess is he'd probably be wearing #5 of our fave smartwatches. What do you think?

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Nixon Newton Watch

This awesome Nixon watch looks a lot more high-tech than it is. It's your basic analog watch with 2 hands and an LED light. You kind of want it because it's not as fancy as it looks. (And, yes, there are plenty of colors available.

  • 40 bought

Voice Command Smartphone Watch

This watch relays voice commands to the smartphone buried in your pocket (or under all that paperwork). It features a classic and stylish design.  And yes, you do get a wrist vibration when a new call or message comes in.  

  • 53 bought
Android Watch Phone Q1 Smart Phone Watch with GPS, WiFi, and Touch Screen
Smart phone watch with Android 2.2 OS, WiFi, G-Sensor Screen, touch screen and USB connection.
  • 90 bought
Concentric Circles LCD Watch

This watch shows the time with a display of concentric LCDs - the outer circle indicates the hour, while the smaller circle shows the minutes.

  • 82 bought
Martian Watches Passport SmartWatch

The Martian Passport smartwatch has the ability to receive voice commands to allow you to be completely hands free of the phone. If you like analog watches and don't want to go digital but still want to have smartwatch capabilities then the Passport is for you. It comes with a black leather band to give you that classic look. You can use hands free text messaging with iPhone 4s and above and Samsung S-Voice phones. The mic on the phone has noise-cancelling to cut out background noise.

  • 61 bought

Samsung Gear 2 Neo Smart Watch (Refurbished)

Samsung Gear 2 Neo Black Smart Watch

  • 17 bought
Kenneth Cole New York Men's KC1639

This sporty and fashionable wrist watch has Digi-Touch touchscreen technology, with time, date, alarm, stopwatch and chronograph functions. Has a silicone strap, LCD dial and a round stainless steel case.

  • 53 bought

The Pebble Steel Smartwatch

Earlier this year, Pebble amped up its offering; the new Pebble Steel if far more advanced than its predecessor. Featuring a tough gorilla glass display, this edgy looking device is available in matte black or brushed stainless steel, you can also choose either a leather or metal band.

  • 65 bought
01TheOne Men's Gamma Ray Round LED Gun-Metal Watch

Futuristic watch from 01TheOne will definitely be a head turner. The bold green dots travel around the watch face, in the same way that hands travel around a traditional watch face. Quartz face with digital display.

  • 46 bought

Storm Circuit Watch

London fashion brand STORM brings this modern and futuristic watch. The Circuit Watch uses stacked LED lights to tell the current time - bars on the left show the current hour and the bars on the right show the minutes.

  • 36 bought
Gentleman's Faceless Watch

The watch that tells time with LEDs built into the band. Can you see it? Now c'mon - you know you want this incredible watch. We do!

  • 74 bought
Moto 360 Smartwatch

The Moto 360 is pure style. After all, it's the first swartwatch that actually looks like a watch - which clearly resonates with consumers, who made this a best seller in 2014.

But the looks don't stop at it's resemblance to a traditional watch. The Moto 360 sports an elegant stainless steel bezel, a sturdy and stylish leather strap, and a gorgeous gorilla glass touch screen. It runs on the Google Android operating system, which is well suited for wearables.

  • 65 bought

Editor's Choice
Apple Watch

The latest iPhone may not have dominated the news for long, but the Apple Watch looks to be the snazziest Apple device of the year. With all the functionality of an iPod Touch strapped to your wrist, it's a beautiful-looking, highly user-friendly device that can answer calls from your Bluetooth-connected iPhone, shop online, and track your fitness.

  • 19 bought

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14 Extraordinary Futuristic Watches for Men

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