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21 Exercise Gadgets For The Home That Really Work

There's always another excuse to avoid showing up at the gym. The commute is too long, the place is way too crowded, and the monthly membership prices are eating into your beer budget.

But let's face it, modern women aren't exactly going ga-ga over man boobs and beer bellies. You want respect in today's world, from men or women, then you need to maintain your physique. And if the gym just ain't working for you, maybe it's time to stop giving yourself excuses and just change the venue...

These days it's easy and cheap to pull together all the tools you need to build a manly, muscular body in the comfort of our own home (you'll still need to get off the couch, though). So, we put our crack staff to work to find the 21 most cost-effective, easy-to-use fitness gadgets.

How about it? Avoid the frustration and hassle of the gym and feel the burn without ever stepping out the door!

Updated: 3 months ago

21Iron Gym Upper Body Workout Bar

Iron Gym Upper Body Workout Bar
Attach this workout bar to your door frame, and get an effective total upper body workout. You can use this bar for pull-ups, sit-ups, dips and so much more. Easy, effective and economical! Learn more »

20Bongo Balance Board

Bongo Balance Board
This Bongo Balance Board effectively trains balance, stability, coordination, ankle and knee strength, and core power. Also helps with stretching and strengthening ligaments and tendons.  Learn more »

19EnterTrainer 101 Cardio-TV Controller Your TV with Exercise

EnterTrainer 101 Cardio-TV Controller Your TV with Exercise
Heart monitor activated universal remote control turns your TV into a personal trainer. Learn more »

18Power Rope Balls

Power Rope Balls
Develop rotational strength and power with this training tool that combines a medicine ball with a rope handle.  Learn more »

17Desktop Punching Bag

Desktop Punching Bag
A punching bag that suctions to a desktop to provide stress relief and brief arm workout.  Learn more »

16Fitness Gear Adjustable Kettlebell

Fitness Gear Adjustable Kettlebell
Adjustable Kettlebell for whole body training.  Learn more »

15Science Museum Talking Strength Ball

Science Museum Talking Strength Ball
Strengthen your muscle condition in your hand, wrist and arm, using this Strength Ball that has a rotating wheel.  Learn more »

14Briefcase Fitness Center

Briefcase Fitness Center
Portable gym that provides a full-body workout, but folds into the size of a briefcase. Includes adjustable bands and exercise DVDs. Learn more »

13Hand Fitness Trainer

Hand Fitness Trainer
Strengthen your hands by using this device that slips on like a glove, strengthens and trains your hands, wrists and elbows.  Learn more »

12Sivan Health and Fitness Balance Ball Adjustable Fit Chair

Sivan Health and Fitness Balance Ball Adjustable Fit Chair
Combine your fitness balance ball and chair into one, giving you the ability to stretch, correct posture, stiffness and improve circulation.  Learn more »

11Nike Sparq Parachute

Nike Sparq Parachute
Durable, with an adjustable waist-belt, this parachute will add resistance to your training.  Learn more »


A cross between a sandbag, dumbbell, barbell, grip bag, medicine ball, slam ball, and a kettle bell.  Learn more »

9TRX Rip Trainer

TRX Rip Trainer
An innovative resistance cord system to build and strengthen your core, power, flexibility and endurance. Learn more »

8Hideaway Elliptical Trainer

Hideaway Elliptical Trainer
Small elliptical trainer that provides the same workout for your lower legs as the full-sized elliptical trainer.  Learn more »

7SpringFlex Upper Body

SpringFlex Upper Body
Want to get a workout while just sitting at your desk? Attach the SpringFlex to your desk or door, and use it to do over 120 exercises for your upper body.  Learn more »

6Nike Resistance Band Kit

Nike Resistance Band Kit
This resistance band kit has everything you need for your strength training workout! Learn more »

5Fast Abs Accelerator Package

Fast Abs Accelerator Package
Great exercise package with the exercise sandbag, adjustable speed rope, and three resistance bands.  Learn more »

4TRX Home Suspension Training Kit

TRX Home Suspension Training Kit
TRX Home Kit gives you everything you need to build a better body at home or on the go! This suspension kit uses nylon straps, which you can hook onto anywhere, and uses your own body weight to build … Learn more »

3Isometric Resistance Upper Body Strengthener

Isometric Resistance Upper Body Strengthener
This isometric resistance trainer gives you a muscle-strengthening workout, focusing on your upper body. The device has 23 exercises, and creates the same strength resistance as using free weights, bu… Learn more »

2Elevated Urban Rebounder

Elevated Urban Rebounder
Bounce off your fat, because it's just so much more fun. With the rebounder, you don't have to walk or run, but you can jump, jog and use this mini-trampoline for a great workout!  Learn more »

1Weighted Speed Rope - Jump Rope with Weighted Handles

Weighted Speed Rope - Jump Rope with Weighted Handles
Use this weighted jump rope for a home work out, focusing on improving leg strength and gain explosive power.  Learn more »

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