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5 Best Gaming Keyboards On The Market

Hardcore gamers often eventually gravitate towards a physical keyboard because they hold some distinct playing advantages that pads and controllers simply can't provide. The mechanical switches are more tactile, last longer, and can significantly increase your typing speed and efficiency.

But quality can vary substantially across the different models – do you even know where to start?

As always, we're here to make your life easier with our list of 5 of the best mechanical keyboards to be found on the market. Game on!

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This professional mechanical keyboard has a 1000Hz pooling rate that gives it a great response time between it and the computer. An advanced anti ghosting function that ensures that all keys work when you press down on them and won't disappear or "ghost" when you press on 3 or more keys.The type of switches that are used on this keyboard are the Cherry MX Black. These keys are very smooth and quiet.
Das Keyboard Model S Ultimate Click Pressure Point Mechanical Keyboard
This Pressure point mechanical keyboard is german engineered to be an excellent typing experience. The keyboard has Blue LEDs for Num Lock, Caps Lock, and Scroll Lock. The even more interesting part is that the keys are not labeled. If you're a true LeeT typist then this shouldn't be an issue for you.
Razer BlackWidow Ultimate 2014 Elite Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

This keyboard has individual backlit keys to allow you to game in low light situations with 5 levels of lighting. The BlackWidow has on-the-fly macro recording to allow you to speed up your gaming experience. 10 software profiles allow you to switch between different game setups without the need to deal with complex driver menus. You can also deactivate the windows key while gaming for uninterrupted sessions. The Razer BlackWidow Ultimate is a very capable keyboard for gaming and regular use.

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Corsair Vengeance K60 Keyboard
Mechanical gaming keyboard that gives you the tactical feedback to have a great gaming experience. Because of it's low operation force on the keys you won't need to press hard to get that extra kill.
Editor's Choice
Logitech G710+ Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

The G710+ from Logitech is an ultra fast mechanical keyboard that delivers optimal tactile feedback. The keyboard allows you to adjust the back lighting of the keys to bring more focus to the keys you need most. If you've used Logitech gaming keyboards before then you know about the G-keys. These keys can be customized to carryout separate functions within different games. The mechanical keys on this keyboard are some of the more silent on the market. For its 1-day sale price of just $95, this is excellent value.

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5 Best Gaming Keyboards On The Market

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