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What Aren’t You Hearing?  Instantly Bring Your TV to Life (with Sound)

What Aren’t You Hearing? Instantly Bring Your TV to Life (with Sound)

It’s (very nearly) impossible to enjoy your oversized, flat screen television through its own speakers.  (We say very nearly, because sometimes it depends on the people with you.)  But, home theater systems are passé.  Okay, we won’t go that far, but soundbars offer remarkable sound in a fraction of the space with a fraction of the effort.  And, they’re especially perfect for smaller homes that simply don’t accommodate a full 7.1-surround sound system.  

Today’s soundbars do more than channel sound from your television; they’re increasingly geared to connect with your IoT home, not to mention your friends’ smart devices.  The flexibility to entertain your company with their music, alongside 3 HDMI ports and NFC capabilities is precisely why #1 sits where it does.  If it’s good company, you’ll want to step up your entertainment game.  (And if it’s not, perhaps these soundbars can help you drown them out.)

Johnny Garcia Johnny Garcia - 21 hours ago

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Style Watch: 10 Best Floral Button-Up Shirts for Summer

Style Watch: 10 Best Floral Button-Up Shirts for Summer

Floral print is in full bloom this season and for once it's a fashion trend focused on men. Yes, you read that right.

While women can almost always get away with floral print on a sundress or shirt, men’s fashion doesn't always cater so nicely to the pattern. Luckily, this year floral prints for men are all the rage, but like most off-the-beaten path fashion trends, these do require a little finesse to get the right look.

Remember that boraderline-obnoxious tropical T-shirt you bought on an island 10 years ago? Well, luckily, you can still keep that tucked away in the back of your closet. This year the floral craze isn't about loud, bright colors and clear-cut flower-patterned shirts that look like they fell out of a 90's tropical movie set.

Instead, the 2014 men’s floral fad is about fitted, cuffed shirts with subtle coloring and unconventional floral patterns. Think west coast 1970's design meets Don Draper button-ups, and you’ll be on the right track. 

Kara Kamenec Kara Kamenec - 2 weeks ago

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In a Sex Rut? Turn Her On With One of These

In a Sex Rut? Turn Her On With One of These

Having an active sex life is a HUGE importance in your life. Whether you are married, single, in a long-term relationship or just starting in the dating world, there is always an adventure to have in the bedroom.  Experimentation is key to keeping sex, well, sexy.  (Just ask the ladies!)

Even if you are perfectly content with your delicious sex life, look for something that’ll turn your gal on.  One of these gadgets, devices or lingerie could add to her wild pleasure. Surprise your lovely lady with one of these items and the surprise may be just as good as the end result itself. Pun intended. 

Jamie Kelley Jamie Kelley - 3 days ago

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European Shaving Brands that American Men Need to Know

European Shaving Brands that American Men Need to Know

There’s nothing like a traditional wet shave. It’s just so manly; like sipping whiskey by the fire you just made. Except, this kind of masculinity is meant for the start of your day. There are plenty of new American shaving brands that are beginning to garner support. But, when you want to get the heart of male grooming, you’ve got to cross the Atlantic for your shaving routine. 

Fortunately, all these products are available in the United States. No travel required.  

Katie Schenk Katie Schenk - 1 week ago

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Yes, Taking Out the Trash Can Be Sexy (Finally)

Yes, Taking Out the Trash Can Be Sexy (Finally)

Taking out the garbage is a man's job, right?  At least that's how the division of labor seems to work in most houses.  And you need a garbage can seemingly everywhere: the kitchen, the bathroom, the office (and that doesn't even include your camping and party needs).  So why is it that so many of them look more suited to a woman's taste?  

Then again, maybe you don't care what your garbage can looks like as long as it doesn't smell.  Well, we've got one of those too.  These trash recepticals make taking out the garbage sexy, well almost.

Katie Schenk Katie Schenk - 4 days ago

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11 Simple But Brilliant Car Care Products

11 Simple But Brilliant Car Care Products

Are you one of those men who likes to keep his car seats clean enough to eat off of and the exterior sparkling and shining like you just drove it off the lot? Hey, we won't fault you for having pride in the things you work your tail off to buy.

But this type of passion for automobile aesthetics requires a little sweat and hands-on maintenance. The right products can go a long way towards making your job easier and keeping your baby looking her best.

You've also got to be careful when purchasing car care products out of the store; for instance, make sure to avoid solutions that can harm your paint, such as degreasers that contain acids. 

With thousands of car care products on the market today, we know you've got your work cut out for you, so we've done the wheel-work to find the ones best suited for holding that showroom look. See the list below to find the ones that'll create that professional sheen without the need of an actual pro.

Johnny Garcia Johnny Garcia - 1 month ago

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Killer Kitchen Gadgets Every Man Should Have

Killer Kitchen Gadgets Every Man Should Have

Maybe you're a Gordon Ramsey in the making - or perhaps you avoid the kitchen as much as you possibly can.  Either way, you NEED these killer kitchen gadgets.  There are some that you just cannot live without - and all of these are included in that category.  Every one is sexy and manly in its own right.  So, roll up your sleeves, pour yourself a drink and enjoy.  

Whether you're just playing around, impressing your girl or entertaining the guys, these gadgets will bring out your inner man in the kitchen.  Plus, some of these gadgets are just plain fun to play (ahem, work) with.  

Katie Schenk Katie Schenk - 1 week ago

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Sexiest Stars & Stripes Swimwear

Sexiest Stars & Stripes Swimwear

The 4th of July celebrates American independence.  It’s a time to enjoy all things American, like hot dogs, cold beers and spell-bindingly patriotic ladies. 

No one wants to check out pictures of hot dogs and beers while they enjoy the day.  But, here’s a line-up of stars and stripes you really don’t want to miss.  Today is all about wearing red, white and blue – and preferably as little of it as possible.

Cheers ‘merica! Here’s to our awesome country, the American colors, and the luscious ladies who wear them! 

Jamie Kelley Jamie Kelley - 3 weeks ago